Docker container monitoring using Ctop

CTOP provides a linux “top” alike interface for monitoring the Docker containers running on the machine. It provides concise view of the docker containers and the metrics associated with each, which includes CPU, Memory and Disk/network IO . This tool will be helpful while troubleshooting the performance issue on Docker containers running on the machine. In this article we will see how to setup docker container monitoring using Ctop

How to install CTOP Linux/Centos ?

Find the appropriate package for your platform from here

For Centos/Linux

You can download it using following command

Now we need to make the downloaded file executable. Run the following command

Now you can check it using the “help”

Hurraay !!! . CTOP application is working now. Now let us use it to see the status of containers running on our machine

Run following command

It will list all running containers with associated metrics. Please see the screenshots below


As you can see in the above image, there are two containers which are in “active” status. It shows the memory, CPU and  IO metrics.

There is an “expanded” view also, where we can see metrics on a particular container. To view  extended stats on a container, Press “Enter”  after selecting one container. The “expanded” view look like below


 This tool gives a good interface for the “docker stats”  command line option . 

You will see same metrics inside ctop also , but in a better interface.

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