How to install docker-machine on Centos/Linux machine?

In this article we will explain how to install docker-machine on Centos/Linux machine

docker-machine is a command-line tool used to install docker engine on Virtual Machines at  your local network or any cloud provider and manage docker containers on those.
With “docker-machine” , commands, you can start, inspect, stop, and restart a managed host, upgrade the Docker client and daemon. Also you can have docker client talk to the docker engine installed on remote managed machine.

How to install docker-machine on Centos/Linux ?

On a Linux/Centos machine, run the following commands to install docker-machine

now you can use “docker-machine”

1. Check version

2. Create first virtual Machine

We will use virtualbox driver this time to create new vm. Make sure you have virtualbox installed on this machine

3. List the VM created

4. Now connect your environment to newly created VM

Use the following command 

Now we can run docker commands on the VM just like doing on local machines. Whatever command you run with “docker” will be executed on the new VM you created and not on your machine. 


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