How to change ssh port on Linux/Centos/Ubuntu ?

Running SSH on a port other than 22 will make more unlikely to be hit with a random port scan. You will be targeted only if the attacker is trying to get your server, not any server. Normally attackers start scan on entire subnet of IPs of a datacenter and they will look for all common ports. 

In this article we will see how to change ssh port on Linux/Centos/Ubuntu servers 

Procedure to change SSH port on the server


Make sure you open the new port in your firewall . Else you wont be able to get into server.

If its a remote machine , its good to have KVM or VNC console access available. Incase you locked out of the server on ssh ( chances are less) , you can still access the servers

1 Locate the sshd configuration file

On Centos , you will find the file at

On Ubuntu

2.Edit the file using vi

Locate the line with following

Comment that line out and Add new line with a different port number

Now save and close the file.

3. Restart sshd service

Now we need to restart sshd , then only changes will be affected

On CentOS/RHEL/Fedora Linux , restart sshd using

Or with

Or with systemctl (Centos7)

On Ubuntu/Debian

Now you should be able to login to server using ssh on new port

Feel free to contact me if you face any issue. Always Happy to help 🙂

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