Running “sql_slave_skip_counter” for mysql Multisource Replication

How to skip one transaction in one channel of a Mysql multisource replication setup? 

Recently Mysql announced a new feature called “Multisource Replication” , which is available in mysql versions 5.7.2+ . In a nutshell, Multi-Source Replication means that a Mysql slave can have more than one master.

How “Multi-Source Replication” works?

Now we have the concept of communication channels. Each communication channel is a connection from slave to master to get the binary log events. So we can run commands like “CHANGE MASTER TO” , “SHOW SLAVE STATUS”, “START SLAVE” with the argument “channel-name”. Each channel represents one master server. Most of the featured are described here in the official documentation.

How to skip one transaction on a particular channel ?

Consider the situation where one of the replication channels are broken due to a wrong command ran on master and we need to skip that transaction. Let us see how to skip transaction on a channel

First we will stop replication on all channels using

Next we will set the “skip counter”

Now we will start replication on broken channel only

With above statement, mysql will start replication on channel “channel-name” and skip the very next transaction.

Now we can start all slaves using

This is how we recover the replication by skipping the transactions in a particular channel

Please let me know if you face any issue.  Always Happy to help ????

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