Monitor BIND dns server using CollectD and InfluxDB

In this article we will explain how to monitor BIND dns server using Collectd , InfluxDB and Grafana. We will use the “bind” plugin in the CollectD for this.
Starting with BIND 9.5.0, BIND DNS server software provides extensive statistics about queries, responses and lots of other information. The CollectD “bind” plugin retrieves this information and submits the values to CollectD.

First , we will configure BIND to expose the statistics on port “8153” . Add the following lines to your bind/named configuration.

Add following line

Restart bind/named using

OR using systemctl

Now, we will verify if named is listening on port 8053

Yes, named daemon is binding on port 8053.

Now we will configure CollectD to “retrieve metrics” from the above port and forward the metric data to InfluxDB server.

Add the following inside the CollectD configuration

Restart CollectD using

OR using systemctl

Now we will check in InfluxDB ,to see if its receiving data from CollectD

Yes, metric data for bind is there inside InfluxDB server. Now we will see how to visualize this metrics using Grafana. I have created a video on how to add InfluxDB data inside Grafana. Please check it out 

Please check the official docs here and here for more details. 


In this article we explained how to monitor bind dns server using CollectD, Influxdb and Grafana. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.Always happy to help ????


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