Using InfluxDB commandline/shell client influx

InfluxDB provides a command line interface (influx) to interact with HTTP api from shell/console. With InfluxDB web UI deprecated in latest versions of InfluxDB , InfluxDB command line will be the best option to interact with InfluxDB.

In this article we will explain how to connect to InfluxDB database using “influx” , query interactively, see output data in different formats…

Connecting to InfluxDB server using influx

If you have installed InfluxDB using RPM or any other package managers , you should be able to find the influx binary at “/usr/bin/influx” or “/usr/local/bin/influx” . If you can find it , please use “find” command

Once you find the correct binary you can connect to InfluxDB server

Hurray..Connection was successful ???? Now we will see what data it has

You can fire these commands without actually going into the shell, like following

You can specify the output format with “–format” flag

For complete list of commands , use influx –help


In this article we have explained how to connect to InfluxDB server using shell client and retrieve data interactively. 


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