How to Install/change Nagios Theme?

Nagios is the most popular opensource monitoring system for IT infrastructure that can monitor and alert servers, services, network devices and applications.
Nagios default web UI is very simple, but customizable. Fortunately there are many free themes available at “Nagios Exchange” , we can download the themes and integrate in our Nagios installation. In this article we will explain how to install Nagios theme .

How to Install/Change Nagios theme?

Please follow below steps to install or change the Nagios theme.

1. Login to Nagios Server using ssh.
2. Download the theme from here .

There are multiple themes available here. Please download your favorite theme

I used the popular “Arana” theme

3. Change directory to nagios “share” folder .

On Centos and Ubuntu you will find it at “/usr/local/nagios/share . Copy the contents of the “arana_style” folder to “/usr/local/nagios/share/” folder.
NB :Please take backup of the /usr/local/nagios/share/ folder before installing new theme. We can revert the changes if something breaks


Done.Now you can refresh the Nagios web UI , you will see that GUI updated with new beautiful theme


If you cant find the folder “/usr/local/nagios/share/” on your machine , check if the folder “/usr/share/nagios/” exists. If it is there follow the below steps to install new theme

Copy the contents of the theme folder to “html” folder

Now you can refresh the Nagios web UI , you will see that GUI updated with new beautiful theme. 

Below is the sample of the “arana style” theme installed in Nagios® Core™ 3.5.1 on a CentOS server.

After Installing new theme


With Old/default theme




In this article we explained how to install/change nagios theme, with Linux commands and screenshots. 

Please try it out. As always, feel free to drop us a note if you have any questions or feedback using our comment form below. Always happy to help ????

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