How to enable Influxdb web UI?

There is a built-in Administrator web UI inside Influxdb , which can be used to query the time series data stored inside influxdb. It is disabled by default. In this article we will explain how to enable influxdb web UI .

How to enable Influxdb web UI?

You can enable/disable the “influxdb web UI” in the influxdb configuration file . On linux , this file usually located at /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf

These are few configuration parameters related to web UI, Under “admin” section

Configuration parameters are self explanatory. Once changes are made, restart Influxdb.

After this Influxdb web UI should be accessible using “” (change the IP address)

If you have set “https-enabled = true” , the URL will be . 

Please check screenshots below




You can use this UI to create/delete databases, query the series data and list tags. This UI is useful when the command line client is not available or you are not familiar with command line client.



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