How to install snmpwalk on Centos/Ubuntu?

snmpwalk is a SNMP application that uses SNMP GETNEXT requests to query a network entity for a tree of information. It is a great tool for Linux boxes. You can easily list all OIDs a SNMP host has to offer then filter the results to your needs and find OIDs to import into tools like Cacti.

How to install snmpwalk?

On Centos/RedHat machines you can install snmpwalk using yum

On Ubuntu install snmpwalk using apt-get


How to use snmpwalk?

You can query snmp agent using snmpwalk , see the following example

Sample output is as shown in the image



If you know the OID , you can get it by specifying OID in the commandline as shown below


In the above command “” is the OID.



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